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I am sweet, peaceful, advocate for human rights and social justice, Lover, writer, communicator, artist. I am free thinker and extremely open minded. I love learning new things, and I have a constant urge to grow and help others do the same. I want the world to be a better place, a place that cares about each other and not just money, fame and greed. I am set on making a positive difference in the world with or without help. My purpose in life is to be make a difference in the lives of others. ☮ I love inspiring people, and if I can make a difference in one persons life, then that's success for me.
I'm a Caring person. I am truley something special & i know it.. a Soul in transition towards a harmonious balance within. I love hard. Love means the world to me. Im waiting on my fairy tale love, I know its out there. I am a sincere lover. I am kind a gentle. Open ♥, open mind. Soul receptive. ☮


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Greatful.   (at Colorado Lagoon, Long Breach)

Greatful. (at Colorado Lagoon, Long Breach)



I had a dream last night that Jesus finally resurrected and when white people found out he wasn’t white they arrested him for 2000 something years of tax evasion  


Fix it jesus



Open Mike Eagle - ”Qualifiers (Live from the Laundromat)”

It takes a special kind of rapper (and person) to make music that revolves so heavily around intelligence and irony without completely alienating his listeners.  Open Mike Eagle’s secret?  Even when he’s throwing around obscure literature references or crafting two-minute-long figurative satirical narratives or wryly criticizing modern reliance on technology, Open Mike never loses track of himself.  Most of his criticisms come tied with a high-profile asterisk: Open Mike Eagle is just as tied to his surroundings and haunted by his demons as each of us, and that grounds his music and casts it in a subtly but crucially different light.  These aren’t the superior chastisements of a rapper who knows better than us; Open Mike is just as mired in 21st century faults as each of us are.

Equally capable of carrying his songs by way of rapping and by singing (and of making us laugh and cry), “blending genres” doesn’t give Open Mike Eagle enough credit for what he’s done with Dark Comedy.  He’s got a unique knack for phrasing age-old rallying mantras in ways that are both funny and undeniable in their clarity (“Nah, I’m in the hood hearing sirens/And the beat tried to make me feel good but it’s lying” — “Sadface Penance Raps”): as a matter of fact, run down the album’s tracklist for a good sense of Dark Comedy’s unique brand of honesty and irony: “Thirsty Ego Raps” and “Golden Age Raps” slide into “Very Much Money (Ice King Dream)” and the Hannibal Burress-featuring “Doug Stamper (Advice Raps),” while “A History of Modern Dance” makes an appearance later on.Making fun of people without alienating them is a difficult task, and one that Eagle takes to with aplomb.

It says it all, really, that one of the album’s most memorable tracks is about Open Mike being invited to a dream gig on the moon — a show that he has to withdraw from because, well, it’s his wedding anniversary (“Jon Lovitz (Fantasy Booking Yarn)”).  That type of wry “well, what can ya do” juxtaposition is what makes Open Mike’s music so powerful; reality is always there to be grappled with, and he’s got no patience for anyone unwilling to confront its ugliness or place their perceptions in question.  He might put it best himself on “Qualifiers”: “Fuck you if you’re a white man that assumes I speak for black folk/Fuck you if you’re a white man who thinks I can’t speak for black folk.” Sharp and incisive, Dark Comedy is rap made for today’s society, and Open Mike Eagle is a rapper made for its denizens.

i promise i didnt write this.



—Super Nova Girl



Protozoa | Super Nova Girl (1999)

from the Disney movie Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century

by request! my second Protozoa post.. zetus lapetus, he must be awesome major ;)

This is the fucking jam though

Yooooooo my song! !!

Why stop and smell the roses when you can walk through a rose garden and the air you breathe in naturally smells like roses? #stopandsmelltheroses #roses #work (at California Science Museum Los Angeles)

I overheard a woman singing and asked her to keep singing… she asked me to sing with her… so I joined… and spent 2 hours with them. Traded jewelry for jewelry ♡ artists traveling the states doing a documentary on artists. So excited. I love ppl and my solo adventures. Free love and free music…


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Low budget R&B videos be like …

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I am such a child at heart #playing #innapropriate #ball