A soul on display...

I am sweet, peaceful, advocate for human rights and social justice, Lover, writer, communicator, artist. I am free thinker and extremely open minded. I love learning new things, and I have a constant urge to grow and help others do the same. I want the world to be a better place, a place that cares about each other and not just money, fame and greed. I am set on making a positive difference in the world with or without help. My purpose in life is to be make a difference in the lives of others. ☮ I love inspiring people, and if I can make a difference in one persons life, then that's success for me.
I'm a Caring person. I am truley something special & i know it.. a Soul in transition towards a harmonious balance within. I love hard. Love means the world to me. Im waiting on my fairy tale love, I know its out there. I am a sincere lover. I am kind a gentle. Open ♥, open mind. Soul receptive. ☮